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Portable Test System

Manufacturer Charles River Laboratories, Inc.
Product constitution Reader and test cartridge
Intended Use For bacterial endotoxin test
Exclusive Distributor Zhanjiang A&C Biological Ltd.
After-sales Service Provider Zhanjiang A&C Biological Ltd.
Country of Origin USA
Product Name Portable Test System

Brief Introdcution

Assay Procedure



simply pipette 25 microliter of a sample into each of the  four sample reserviors of the cartridge. The reader draws and mixes the sample with the reagent in two channels and PPC in the other two channels. After mixing, the optical density of the wells are measured and analyzed against an internally-archived standard curve.

Step 1:Prepare sample
Step 2: Add25 microliter of sample into each of 4 channels in a cartridge£šadd same sample to the four channels)
Step 3:Press Enter
(pump moves sample through cartridge)
Step 4:endotoxin value, CV and endotoxin recovery are displayed on screen, which can be printed and downloaded to central PC.