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LKM Kinetic Tube Reader

       Has been registered as medical devices in China, approved to be used for clinical testing
Kinetic Tube Reader, integrated with endotoxin detection software"Bioprobe"
Registration No. SFDA (I) 20122401362
Manufacturer   UK Labkinetics Ltd.
Product available   Kinetic Tube Reader and Test tube
Application  For quantifying of endotoxin,lipopolysaccharide and (1-3)-beta-D-Glucan in human blood,ascite fluid and urine
Registration agent  Zhanjiang A&C Biological Ltd.
After-sales Service Provider: Zhanjiang A&C Biological Ltd.
Date of Approval: 2012.04.16
Expiry Date:  2016.04.15
Address of Manufacturer: Prima Casa, Brewham Road, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0JD
Manufacturing Site: Prima Casa, Brewham Road, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0JD
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Product Name: LKM Series Kinetic Tube Reader
Model No.: LKM-02-16,LKM-02-32,LKM-02-64,LKM-02-96
Product Standards: YZB/UK 1132-2012 <<Kinetic Tube Reader>>