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TAL-40 C Tube Heat Block


The monograph of Bacterial Endotoxin Test in China Pharmacopeia 2002 requiredTest tubes should be placed in an appropriate incubating device vertically and incubated at 37±1for 60±2 minutes. TAL-40 type tube heat block is an instrument specific designed and manufactured for bacterial endotoxin test based on this requirement. Compare with the conventional water bath, TAL-40 type tube heat block has the following features:

1. The heating mantel of this instrument is molded by using high-density aluminum alloy. It characterizes large heat capacity, low heat resistance and uniform heat transfer.
2. The instrument adopts the advanced heating technology of diaphragm and digital temperature control, which allows the temperature precision to reach 37±0.15℃ and the temperature differences across wells are ≤0.1℃. The temperature precision of the conventional water bath  is only ±1℃ and heat transfer is not uniform, which lead to the test results variances.
3. This instrument has 3 individual timing setting, which incubation time can be set randomly within 99 minutes based on test requirements and each setting has individual audible notification. Temperatures and elapsed time are displayed on the LED screen.
4. This instrument is equipped with special dust & light cover,tube covering is unnecessary when it is under incubation, which allows for easier and faster test operation. Conventional water bath requires tube covering otherwise steam could go into the tube which may cause contamination. Tube covering is time-consuming which affects the accuracy of the test results.
5. The default incubation temperature setting is 37.0℃. Temperature adjustment is unnecessary. Turn on the instrument for warming up 15~20 minutes before starting test. The instrument temperature can be displayed on the screen. This instrument is energy saving product. Its maximum power is 190W and the operating power is less than 15W.

6.  Type C tube heat block is a 40-well instrument, which  is suitable for the incubation of 10x75mm tube. It is small and exquisite, easy to use.